Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Self improvement

Ohai! Sorry for the lack of updates.. if anyone really cares!

I haven't been feeling so good for the past few weeks, had some minor health niggles so I suppose I haven't been feeling very productive.

I'm starting to tackle my anxiety pretty soon, which is scary but neccessary. It's going to involve going into new situations and doing a lot of new things.. who I am I kidding I am dreading it but I REALLY need to improve, so shuddup brain and get on with it.

Re health niggles, the doctor thinks I have IBS, so that's just great. Looking into modifying my diet as I'm sick of being bloated and generally icky. Think I'm going to have to give up wheat-y bread for a while so looking into rye bread alternatives, probably going to start eating rice cakes and oatcake type of things too. So less of the processed foods and more of the good stuff.. enter Becki the health fiend!

I'm off to argos soon to go and argue with the staff to give me a replacement on my sewing machine, I've only had it for just under a year and it keeps missing stitches and getting jammed. Hopefully all will go smoothly and I can start doing more crafty things and making a bit of dollar.

That's it for now, and in the words of the wulfrunians, tarar-abit!

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