Monday, 18 February 2013

Crazy cat lady

Today I thought I'd blog about my favourite furry friends, cats. 

 When I was growing up I didn't have any brothers or sisters but I did have a cat, called Tammy. So in a funny sort of way she was a feline sibling, we got her when I was 8 and we grew up together.
She had a brother called Tim who sadly died quite a few years back.

They were so cute when they were small, and loved to climb absolutely everything. Including the wallpaper. It was so funny walking into the kitchen and seeing this tiny ball of fur clinging on to the wall, almost reaching the ceiling with a perfectly innocent expression!

Tammy died last year at the age of 17, which is good innings for a kitty but I always miss her when I visit home and she's not there to greet me. RIP kitty.

When I moved in with my boyfriend there was a cat shaped hole in my life. We decided that we wouldn't have any pets as we couldn't really afford it. So, naturally 6 months or so later we had a cat; a cat that happened to choose us.

She decided to let herself into the flat in the middle of the night by jumping through the window, giving my boyfriend a bit of a shock!

She was a stray from a feral colony on some wasteground, we fed her some chicken bites and a bit of corned beef so I guess she decided it was worth sticking around. She can't have been much more than 6 months old, my boyfriend named her "chairman meow" before we found out she was actually a girl!

She was very wary at first, and liked to sit in the corner and keep an eye on us, she's always been very inquisitive though, and likes to follow us around. Occasionally her mum (who we decided to call Raoul) came to visit but she was a lot more wild, she'd eat the food we put out for her but would never let us get very close.

 So, chairman meow became Tejas - we seem to have a bit of a penchant for odd names, and now she's as friendly and tame as any other cat and has really settled in with us. I can't imagine not having her around now, it's lovely to have a little face waiting to greet you when you get up in the morning - (even when that little face decides to trample all over your face and breathe down your ear when you're half  asleep and would much rather stay in bed).

It's definitley worth putting in the effort with a feral as it's so rewarding when they settle down and start to trust you, so please make sure you neuter your cats as feral colonies are a big problem, especially now during the recession. The PDSA can do it for free if you're on housing benefits, or at least point you in the right direction if not.

Shelters are also overrun with stray and abandoned cats at the moment so please support them and adopt!

Find your local shelter here:

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